Sunday, 16 October 2016

It's a String Thing Challenge no. 166 by Adele
Bruno.  String by Adele Bruno. Tangle patterns:
N'Zeppel and Knightsbridge by Maria Thomas,
Antidots by Anita Rob-Lavery and Iza by Adele Bruno.


  1. Hi Felicity,
    Really enjoyed your submission to IAST!
    I am going to sneak back and check out your blogspot further a little later.
    The new Boston Terrier puppy I am training demands my attention.
    Jane Ellen Howeson, Connecticut, USA (I'm in New England)

  2. I guess I forgot to mention it was the fantastic ZIA of the pumpkin that really caught my eye. Just beautifully tangled!
    Jane Ellen/Her Woofness

    Happy Tangling!

    1. Hi Jane golly only saw your comment today. thank you for the compliment. Lovely making your acquaintance through the internet.