Monday, 7 November 2016

Joey's weekly challenge finish my tile 136
Joey started her tile with Fracas by Linda
Farmer and I finished with Florz by Maria
Thomas.  I added a few crawlies for the
 Halloween season.


  1. Hi Felicity, thanks for visiting my neglected blog! So funny because the day you came to my blog I actually came to view this entry on your blog! Which I love by the way, looks like flying saucers or fishing nets being casted for the daily catch or spider webs for Halloween! I will let Adele know so that she can fix that beautiful map of hers! It's hard to believe from my blog or Facebook page, but I do tangle regularly, I just don't seem to find the time to post my entries! I'll have to do a catch up weekend or something! I'm hoping to meet Milde Weiss, another SA CZT, next week as she is passing through on her holiday. Who knows, maybe one day we could meet up somewhere! Keep tangling, your work is beautiful!

  2. Hi Brenda amazing. Thank you for the compliment I've contacted Adele about the map, but i'd forgot your name and when she received my mail she answered that you had moved and she was unsure of where you lived. So i'm so please you'll let her know. My tangling partner Susan and I met Milde before she went to America during a zentangle workshop with Marzaan van Beek way back when in 2013. Susan and I have been tangling since then. Fabulous to make contact with you. When my daughter and her family visit from Wales we usually visit the Knysna Wilderness region. Maybe this is a good omen for us to meet up one day. See you on Adle's challenges in the meantime. Keep well.Felicity